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Scheduling SAS Jobs

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Scheduling SAS Jobs

Hi All,

I want to run my SAS job in 3rd bank working day of every month, how I can schedule my sas job that will run in 3rd bank working day of every month.

I hope my question is clear ;-)

Please suggest me how can I do that.

Thanks in Advance,
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Re: Scheduling SAS Jobs

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A costless solution, would be to rely on your operating system scheduler.

AT scheduler for Windows:

CRON scheduler for UNIX:

Cheers from Portugal.

Daniel Santos @
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Re: Scheduling SAS Jobs

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To accommodate a "business day" schedule, you must create a process/program that identifies and counts business-day of the month. One method is to determine what days-of-the-week you consider to be business days (not presuming a Monday through Friday schedule), then also define a SAS format that lists the holidays of the year, then also define/test for fixed-dates of every year that are also considered holidays.

With this information and using a SAS program, you can count from the start-date of any month (using the INTNX function) and determine what date is considered the relative third business date of the month.

Scott Barry
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Re: Scheduling SAS Jobs

Thanks Daniel and sbb :-)
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