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Save message in DDE

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Save message in DDE


In one of my macro using DDE function to import MS EXCEL spread sheet into SAS, there is always a window pop up in openned EXCEL application which asks me to save (or not) the openned Excel file. This interrupts my process automation. Could any of you tell my how to avoid that (it was not the case in early version of EXCEL if I remember well)? BTW, I am using EXCEL 2007 and SAS 913.

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Re: Save message in DDE

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Use the DDE directives that instruct Excel to "Save", or "SaveAs" the open Excel sheet. Your problem is that DDE uses .COM which has a number of issues including security and deprecation of features associated with it. Alan Churchill is the guru in this area and in his blog he examines some of the problems and proposed solutions. Try

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