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Sas Base data type

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Sas Base data type


I am having two sas datasets read by sas base and i am trying to make a join between two of them but the data types of the join column is not the same (int and char) 

how can i convert the char column type to numeric ? 

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Re: Sas Base data type

I would suggest you have a good read of the manula as this is a basic transformation in SAS:

put() takes a numeric and creates a text string based on the format given

input() takes a string and attempts to create a numeric based on the text being in the format given.

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Re: Sas Base data type

One would also suggest that if a variable was supposed to be numeric why it wasn't earlier in the process. If the data came from Proc Import there a many reasons why an expected numeric can be character and should be addressed as soon as practical.

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