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SSPI Option

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SSPI Option

I am trying to decipher the SAS Support Response of:
"In 9.2, the behavior for SSPI did change. SSPI is no longer the default. If you want to use the Security Support Provider Interface (SSPI) ... submit the -SSPI option when you invoke SAS."

I cannot figure out how to invoke the SSPI option at startup without getting a syntax error. I have also been unable to find any code example to help.

Any insight would be appreciated.
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Re: SSPI Option

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That's the link to the SAS9.2 doc for SSPI:

Seems it best goes into the .cfg file

What error do you get?

As this was a recommendation from SAS Tech Support you best ask Tech Support if their recommendation doesn't work for you.

It might also be worth to ask why SSPI is no longer the default behaviour as well as to investigate the "see also" links in the docu. May be there is a more "modern" way to implement single sign-on.

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