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SQL Query keeps running

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SQL Query keeps running

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Hi All,

I am running one SQl query. The data is containing only ~90k observations. However, the code keeps on running without going to the next step. Can anybody suggest way to speed up the code. Below attached is the query which I am running:



proc sql;
    create table nr&otfile as
    select a.*,b.bucket as bucket_tmp,b.cur_bal as cur_bal_tmp,
        b.tot_prin as tot_prin_tmp,b.ac_no as ac_tmp
    from a left join ncir&otfile b 
    on a.ac_no = b.ac_no;


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Re: SQL Query keeps running

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How many records in each table? Are both stored in the same location, I notice ones in a work library and one is in a ajmb2 library, is the second a server of some kind?

Also are you sure your macro variables are assigned?

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