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SCL - Get control attributes?

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SCL - Get control attributes?

I have many push button controls on a SAS / AF frame that all serve the same purpose but just have different label values. Those controls all start with C then get incremented such that I have controls C01 - C50.

When a button is clicked I want to be able to extract the value of the LABEL attribute. Again since all 50 controls have a similar pattern I put all labeled sections togheter as follows:

c01: c02: c03: .... c49: c50:
dcl char(16) value ;
value = _self_.label ;
value = getnitemc( _self_, 'label') ;
return ;

I think that _SELF_ is a pointer to the frame. How can I generically get the value of the LABEL attribute for the selected or clicked on push button control?
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