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SAS task scheduler

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SAS task scheduler

Hi All,


I am SAS learner, so please help me on below issue.


I am scheduling one job in SAS. Please suggest where I am doing mistake.


Step 1:- Create a batch file with below code

       "K:\Program Files\SAS\SASFoundation\9.4\sas.exe" –SYSIN


my SAS program which is shared in L drive


libname ACB1 'L:\SASCode';
libname mydblib2 oracle user=Scott password=A12345 path=TST1 schema=CAMP;
data ACB1.print_profile ;
keep prod_id pabbr individual_id last_order_dt last_role LAST_ORDER_MEDIUM;
merge mydblib2.pub_prod (in=a)
mydblib2.product (in=b);
by prod_id;
if (a and b) and pub_status='A';


after this I am scheduling .bat file in Task scheduler but when it execute automatciaaly it open the command prompt window and also SAS universell viewer but did not execute the code.


Please suggest 

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Re: SAS task scheduler

Try testing your SAS command by running: "K:\Program Files\SAS\SASFoundation\9.4\sas.exe" from the Windows command prompt.


It should open a SAS Windows System session (program editor, Log, output etc).

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