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SAS session on LINUX server start process on Windows server?

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SAS session on LINUX server start process on Windows server?


Suppose I have a SAS session running on a LINUX server, and at some point I want to have the SAS job invoke some executable sitting on a Windows server on the same network, pause while that runs, then read an output file created by the windows executable.   Is that possible? (sound crazy?).

Obviously if XCMD is enabled I can shell out to LINUX easily.  I can mount the windows directories to the Linux server so I can access those directories.

But I don't know if there is a way from SAS running on a LINUX server to tell some Windows server to run a command.  I guess it's actually a LINUX question.  Googled a bit, and see posts about setting up SSH on the Windows server, Cygwin, etc.  Wanted to ask for recommendations.

A work around would be to set up a file watcher on the Windows server to kick off the process on arrival of some file written by SAS.

Big picture is developer  has an old SAS/Internet report running on a Windows server where SAS does bunch of data crunching, then uses X statement to run a windows executable that does some crunching, then SAS does the reporting.  They want to port to LINUX SAS server.  Obviously would be nice to just replace the windows executable with more SAS crunching.

But I'm still curious as to approaches for starting remote windows process from Linux SAS.

We already have a windows server running PC Files server that is used by the Linux SAS sessions; so this feels like a similar level of integration/communication...



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