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SAS running web service

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SAS running web service


Can i run web service from SAS code.
I want to run web service from Unix-HP OS.
Do i have to run it from "call system()" statement, or are there any alternatives?

Or are there any posibibilities to connect to Lotus database from unix-HP server? Like "SAS accsess/to something".
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Re: SAS running web service

In short, you cannot run a web service from Base SAS. The SAS supported approach to a web service is the "SAS Information Delivery Portal" or the "SAS Web Report Studio". You can look at the technical specs at to see what you need to do for them. Even they require a separate web tool to establish the basic connectivity and services.

Another alternative is to use SAS to generate a host of reports on a periodic basis (daily, monthly, etc) and store them on the web for a regular web server to host.

Another alternative is to have the web tool collect the parameters (macro values, say) and submit the code to the SAS server for execution and placement of the report.

Lotus is a dinosaur. Good luck.

Doc Muhlbaier
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