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SAS packages

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SAS packages

A small to medium sized organisation is trying to optimise the package that it uses for SAS (roughly 10 SAS users).  Would it be best to go for the Analytics pro server of Office Analytics packages?  What are the differences.  What would be the recommendation of Windows vs. Linux?


Any input welcomed.


Many thanks.

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Re: SAS packages

I'm sure that members of this forum will have some suggestions. I would also contact the SAS sales people as they will know the price points and should have the hardware requirements for each option. The hardware/network configuration may have some impact that isn't immediately noticeable.

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Re: SAS packages

Be aware that replacing desktop SAS versions with Enterprise Guide can be beneficial if users are not primarily developers, or detrimental if they are, as EG fails to provide many useful features that SAS desktop provides (even if it provides other features).

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