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SAS macros to report

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SAS macros to report

Please, some one give some sas macro to analyse data:


> I want to have a report with data and graphs ( with the needs)

   Data 1 graph1 data2 graph2  ......datan  graphn

or  graph1  graph2  ......graphn


> an other means a sas macro to analyse data with many views.





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Betreff: SAS macros to report

Can't see any question ... you should add the code you have, provide example data and desired output including format.


Why do you think, that sas-macro-code is required to solve the problem?

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Betreff: SAS macros to report

Posted in reply to andreas_lds

For the moment, I need a reporting likes this :


table | graph

table| graph



But it depends,


I can need

a reporting likes this

| T1  T2|

|G1  G2|




| T1 T2            Tn

| G1 G2           Gn|



or | sub-group of Ti .... ...........graph of sub-group of Ti|



  | sub-group of Tj .... ...........graph of sub-group of Tj| 


extra ...


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Re: SAS macros to report



I agree with andreas_ids, you have not clarified your problem, nor provide any test data win the form of a datastep or what the output should look like.  At a guess you want to do something for several datasets with the same prefix, here is an example:


ods rtf file =....;

data _null_;

  do i=1 to 10;

    call execute(cats('proc print data=data',put(i,best.),'; run;'));  /* Report datax */

    call execute(cats('proc sgplot data=graph',put(i,best.),';....;run;'));  /* Produce graph */



ods rtf close;


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Re: SAS macros to report

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Thank you for answer..

yes, your answer can reply to in party of my question..

you can see my answer to andreas_ids

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