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SAS macro for multiple linear regression

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SAS macro for multiple linear regression

Hi everyone,I was wondering if there is a faster way to do multiple linear regression for multiple outcomes?Even though I can use proc glm for each multiple linear regression (there are about 30 some outcomes, that we will be looking into), it is quite tedious to do so...

example outcomes: SBP, DBP, PP, RASBP, LASBP etc...

independent variables: age, bmi, gender(0, 1), edulevel(1, 2, 3)

outcomes, age, bmi are continuous variablesgender, education levels are categorical

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Re: SAS macro for multiple linear regression

PROC GLM can handle all of the outcomes in a single pass, plus it is one of the multithreaded procs, so if you have multiple CPUs available, it can really speed some of the computations.  You could try::

proc glm data=yourdata;

class gender edulevel;

model sbp dbp rasbp lasbp <put as many here as you have>=gender edulevel gender*edulevel age bmi;

<insert other stuff here to get lsmeans, etc.>


Let us know if this needs more attention.

Steve Denham

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