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SAS format error on zos after upgrade to TS1M4

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SAS format error on zos after upgrade to TS1M4

After we upgrade SAS 9.4 from TS1M1 to TS1M4 on z/OS, one of our programs could not work with below error.


NOTE: Line generated by the invoked macro "KC2PFM2".                                  

3752        WORK.SUMM2 ;                                            BY SMFMNPRN TIME; 

3752     !          FORMAT TIME TOT. ;                                                



WARNING: Apparent symbolic reference SDATE not resolved.                              


ERROR 48-59: The format TOT was not found or could not be loaded.


Can anyone advise please? 

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Re: SAS format error on zos after upgrade to TS1M4

Please post your log using the {i} button, to preserve the formatting of messages (horizontal alignment).

As it is, there is a WARNING from a statement you did not include. Therefore post the whole log of the step, including where &sdate was used.

This might also mean to post the code for macro KC2PFM2.

The ERROR for the missing format might be caused

- by a missing or wrong fmtsearch option

- or the fact that a formats catalog (SASUSER or elsewhere) was not migrated

There is no TOT format supplied by the SAS system itself, so you either try to use a custom-made format, or you do have a misspelling (there is a TOD format supplied by SAS)

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