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SAS error

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SAS error

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Is there any process by which SAS creates data sets(.sas7bdat extension) in the /home directory? we have both 9.3 and 9.4 installed on the unix server.

The programmers do not have access to the /home directory but there are some files which are being generated at this location without the knowledge of programmers.

Please Help.

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Re: SAS creating data sets in the /home directory

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I hope you are aiming at the personal /home/<userid> directory at unix. It is has the same goal a "my documents" and %appdata% as known under windows. Having this in mind you can imagine it is quite normal to expect data is left there. It is more troublesome Unix-admins are not seeing that functionality as been locked up in their OS approach. 


The problem is the mountpoint filesystem /home  is beloning to Unix-system and not tho the users. Dee a mountpoint-filesystem is some agreed limited by size area as storage (like a usb-drive).

What could be done is:    

- introduce a group mountpoint filesystem /home/sasusers/ and make that administative the users home location for sas-usage 

  like  /home/sasusers/<userid>

- Make a logical link in everybodies home point to the real data/code shared area's

- define some environmentvars at Unix (WorkspaceServer) defining those shared area's so you refer to those using the $  (unix) or ! SAS-file/libnames

- Adjust the current dir of a appserver not having the config/lev- location but the users home ~ location (end of users mod sh script) 

Expect temporary files and more in ~ but have it limited by sizings

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Re: SAS creating data sets in the /home directory

@jakarman: Thank you for your input. Great help! Smiley Happy
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