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SAS error

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SAS error

I am using SAS EG 5.1; I do File ->Import data and select the file. Then I get the pop up box with an error mesg ("The task "task3" could not be loaded because it is not registerd with SAS enterprise guide").

How to fix this error..thank you

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Re: SAS error

Hi kashili, I have the same problem after a fresh install - I don't understand where this is coming from?

(64-bit Windows 8, 64-bit SAS)

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Re: SAS error

Do you have ACCESS model ?

To see it.

proc setinit;run;


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Re: SAS error

Here is one suggestion:

launch the command prompt "as admin"

cd to C:\program file\sashome\x86\SASEnterpriseGuide\5.1

>regtasks.exe /register

Good luck


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Re: SAS error

Posted in reply to jwsquillace

Thank you so much. It's working for me.

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Re: SAS error

Thanks Ksharp and jwsquillace,

Ksharp - I have a variety of SAS/ACCESS features but not one that has the word 'model' after it.  Should I check the installation for one?

jwsquillace - followed the suggestion, no luck!



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Re: SAS error

@pliddi, I think you can ignore the SAS/ACCESS issue. File - Import uses EG client capabilities to import data locally.
You need SAS/ACCESS if you wish to import data on the server using SAS programming.
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