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SAS drag-and-drop not working

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SAS drag-and-drop not working

Windows 10 Pro, 64-bit. SAS 9.4 TS1M3, 64-bit.


For years drag-and-drop has worked perfectly -- SAS programs in text files on desktop clicked on and dragged onto SAS window, log or editor. No fuss, no muss.


Suddenly, maybe because of a Windows 'update,' the ill-behavior of some other installed program, or because of malware, the wonderful drag-and-drop for SAS no longer works.


When the dragged file gets over the SAS window, a black circle with black line diagonally through circle appears. No 'drop' is possible.


Fortunately, copy-contents-first and then paste-to-editor still works.


Does anyone have any idea how to possibly correct this awful problem??


Some registry key? Some group policy setting? Some other program I need to uninstall?


Thoughts greatly appreciated.


Nicholas Kormanik



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Re: SAS drag-and-drop not working

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Hi @NicholasKormanik


If your existing combinaison (SAS9.4 TS1M3 64-bit on Win10) was working until recently, the "easiest" option might be to reinstall SAS.

Some Windows updates have generated some problems lately (such as Problem Note 60323: Windows 10 Creators Update might cause errors when you invoke SAS® applications or run SAS® programs).

Can you drag *.sas or *.csv files into notepad for instance?


Sorry for that silly idea but it might be the quickest way for you to regain access to that fucntionnality.


Hope that helps.




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Re: SAS drag-and-drop not working

Drag-and-drop seems to be working fine in other programs. No black circle
with diagonal line hovering over. Inputs straight in, no problem. Just as
SAS has always worked as well.

Issue seems more or less SAS-specific. That's why I'm wondering if anyone
else here has faced this same conundrum.

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Re: SAS drag-and-drop not working

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There have been a lot of problems with Windows 10 updates, not just SAS, but Nvidia drivers needing re-installing and such like.  Try a re-install of SAS, that will most likely solve it- you are using desktop SAS, so should just be a matter of re-install.

Expect to see a lot more of these problems with the forced Windows update, that is why most (assumption) turn off auto update until they can evaulate each big update (as you would in the old days with new versions of Windows).

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