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SAS conversion tool

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SAS conversion tool

We have a third party client that would like SAS data files. 


We are web developers and would like to find a software package that can convert a .CSV file to a .XPT file. 


Does any such software exist?

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Re: SAS conversion tool

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Yes, SAS but I suspect that is not the answer you want. The XPT format is designed for moving SAS data between SAS sites running different operating systems and / or SAS versions. It isn't designed for when the provider or receiver doesn't have SAS at all.


Why can't they accept CSV files? 

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Re: SAS conversion tool

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You might see if you can find a version of DBMS Copy. We used to use that for file conversion to SAS from a number of file formats.


I'm not sure about  XPT as output but I'd be surprised if it isn't there.

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Re: SAS conversion tool

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This issue have been raised several times on the community, try a search.
I recall that since this is standard file format for clinical trial data the xpt format is kinda public and there are probably some 3rd party conversion tools out there.
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Re: SAS conversion tool

SAS conversion tool

You should be able to cut and paste this code into the
SAS IML/R interface

inspired by

Here is a pure R solution. Should also be possible
in Python or Perl.

WORKS BEST WITH THE 1980 SAS Old text editor

HAVE d:/csv/class.csv


WANT   d:/xpt/class.xpt  (V5 export format)


 R  class  <-import("d:/csv/class.csv");
    write.xport( class, file = "d:/xpt/class.xpt" );


* create comma separated file;
dm "dexport sashelp.class 'd:/csv/class.csv' replace";

source("c:/Program Files/R/R-3.3.2/etc/",echo=T);
class  <-import("d:/csv/class.csv");
write.xport( class, file = "d:/xpt/class.xpt" );

libname xpt xport "d:/xpt/class.xpt";
data classxpt;
   set xpt.class;

proc print data=classxpt width=min;
title "from SAS proc print";

* check the xpt file;
247   libname xpt xport "d:/xpt/class.xpt";
NOTE: Libref XPT was successfully assigned as follows:
      Engine:        XPORT
      Physical Name: d:\xpt\class.xpt
248   data classxpt;
249      set xpt.class;
250   run;

NOTE: There were 19 observations read from the data set XPT.CLASS.
NOTE: The data set WORK.CLASSXPT has 19 observations and 5 variables.
NOTE: DATA statement used (Total process time):
      real time           0.00 seconds
      cpu time            0.00 seconds

250 !     quit;
251   proc print data=classxpt width=min;
252   title "from SAS proc print";
253   run;

NOTE: There were 19 observations read from the data set WORK.CLASSXPT.
NOTE: PROCEDURE PRINT used (Total process time):
      real time           0.06 seconds
      cpu time            0.04 seconds

253 !     quit;

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Re: SAS conversion tool

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Summary of @rogerjdeangelis code, there's an R package that's available,


I have recollections of seeing issues with this package on StackOverflow so I would suggest searching to see how reliable this is, in addition to your own testing of course.

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Re: SAS conversion tool

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StatTransfer is a commonly referenced tool and likely the cheapest option. Other options are a SAS license, talk to SAS regarding costs.



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Re: SAS conversion tool

For the current documentation for the R package SASxport see


For bugs see


There are two outstanding issues. 


Note R, Python and Perl can read sas7bdats


WPS and SAS can create SAS datasets from R dataframes.

The express verison of WPS does not limit the size of SAS datasets created from R.


Evan Miller and Hadley Wickham have an experimnetal R package that can create SAS datasets.

However it has acknowledged bugs which are documented and under development.

It is not usable yet.


I think Matt Shotwell is working on a Java API to SAS datasets?


I have used StatTransfer and it works well. There is also Carolina software, which uses JDBC? I have not used it.


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