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SAS code Analysis

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SAS code Analysis


   We have hundreds of Base SAS codes, which uses SAS data steps, procedures and macros. We dont have any detailed document for the existing hundreds of the SAS codes. we want to document these SAS scripts functionalities with some pictorial representation.


My question is do we have any tools to do the SAS code analysis? The tool can be within SAS or outside the SAS components.

Please suggest. Thanking you.



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Re: SAS code Analysis

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I've never seen a pictorial representation of a SAS Program, I'd be very curious to see what you come up with in the end Smiley Happy


You can search for further examples of using automated programs to scan/parse your programs but in the end, nothing can replace the human documentation that is required/should have been done in the first place. Most times you can't program your way out of bad processes. 

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Re: SAS code Analysis

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I have started work down this path using C# and a 3rd party tool. However, most of the code analysis is linear so I didn't go much beyond a tall flowchart.

I am not sure what you want to parse out. Contact me if more info is needed.
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