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SAS Sample: Sample 41880 (reading in a directory)

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SAS Sample: Sample 41880 (reading in a directory)


I was looking at a sample SAS code: Sample 41880. It's url is:

In the full code tab, there is a line that looks like this (close to the top of the program):
if input(substr(line,1,10), ?? mmddyy10.) = . then delete;

Can someone tell me what the two question marks do?

Thanks. No worries, it's in the documentation. It suppresses messages for invalid data in case anyone is interested.

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Re: SAS Sample: Sample 41880 (reading in a directory)

You will find an explanation in the SAS Language Dictionary discussion on the INPUT statement processing -- it has to do with how SAS reacts to an invalid-data or missing-data condition for the particular INFORMAT being used.

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