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SAS Job connects to DB/2 then does nothing

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SAS Job connects to DB/2 then does nothing

Hi all,

strange issue here and I have no idea what's going on. Any hint would be highly appreciated.

A SAS job that runs fine during the night (hundreds of times already) runs once a month also during the day. This one time it loads 120.000 rows into the DB/2 instance, while during the night there are about 60.000 rows to process.

So when it comes to the daily run the job connects to DB/2 and...does nothing. It does neither loa nor update nor does the job itself crash with an error. It just idles on the DB without throwing any error on SAS or DB/2 side.

Has anyone experienced such an issue before? Please note, that this job connects to the very same DB and table in the night and runs fine. If the row number would be problem I would assume that other jobs, that do similar stuff with similar row number also crashed, but they run fine.

Thanks a lot for any idea,


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Re: SAS Job connects to DB/2 then does nothing

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Has your DB2 administrator checked to see if there are any locks on the row, table, tablespace, etc?  That's the great thing about locks...SAS will just sit there and patiently wait for the lock to go away.  If this is a transactional database, it may be unused during the night, but nailed down during the day due to user activity.

Just a thought.  Good luck.


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Re: SAS Job connects to DB/2 then does nothing

Sure, sure - of course there's nothing wrong with the DB Smiley Wink

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