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SAS EG Reporting(excel) issue

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SAS EG Reporting(excel) issue

Hello SAS experts, need a bit of help. I am trying to run a macro that generates reports in excel. Having running the same code with two different macro variables. Why only one is producing reports with graphs and cover page and the other is not(just printing the data as it is in excel).Below you can find the difference in the output that is before the code sends them to excel. Please help me out. please find the two reports  attached.

Note: I see no code in the macros that creates the graphs and cover page.

                                         #  Name                          Type    Type

                                        1  'Agg Graphs$'                 DATA    TABLE    

                                        2  'Agg Graphs$'Print_Area       DATA    TABLE    

                                        3  'DI Graphs$'                  DATA    TABLE    

                                        4  'DI Graphs$'Print_Area        DATA    TABLE    

                                        5  'Direct Internet$'            DATA    TABLE    

                                        6  'Direct Internet$'Print_Area  DATA    TABLE    

                                        7  'Price Change List$'          DATA    TABLE    

                                        8  'Tele Graphs$'                DATA    TABLE    

                                        9  'Tele Graphs$'Print_Area      DATA    TABLE    

                                       10  A                             DATA    TABLE    

                                       11  Aggregator$                   DATA    SYSTEM TABLE

                                       12  Aggregator$Print_Area         DATA    TABLE    

                                       13  Changes                       DATA    TABLE    

                                       14  Contents$                     DATA    SYSTEM TABLE

                                       15  Contents$Print_Area           DATA    TABLE    

                                       16  Cover$                        DATA    SYSTEM TABLE

                                       17  Cover$Print_Area              DATA    TABLE    

                                       18  Flag                          DATA    TABLE    

                                       19  In                            DATA    TABLE    

                                       20  TSn                           DATA    TABLE    

                                       21  Telesales$                    DATA    SYSTEM TABLE

                                       22  Telesales$Print_Area          DATA    TABLE    

                                       23  Tn                            DATA


                                                    1  A     DATA    TABLE    

                                                    2  A$    DATA    SYSTEM TABLE

                                                    3  Bn    DATA    TABLE    

                                                    4  Bn$   DATA    SYSTEM TABLE

                                                    5  IFn   DATA    TABLE    

                                                    6  IFn$  DATA    SYSTEM TABLE

                                                    7  INn   DATA    TABLE    

                                                    8  INn$  DATA    SYSTEM TABLE

                                                    9  TFn   DATA    TABLE    

                                                   10  TFn$  DATA    SYSTEM TABLE

                                                   11  TNn   DATA    TABLE    

                                                   12  TNn$  DATA    SYSTEM TABLE

                                                   13  TSn   DATA    TABLE    

                                                   14  TSn$  DATA    SYSTEM TABLE

                                                   15  Tn    DATA    TABLE    

                                                   16  Tn$   DATA    SYSTEM TABLE

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Re: SAS EG Reporting(excel) issue

Please close this question as well.

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Re: SAS EG Reporting(excel) issue

How could we help you with just looking at your output?

What values do you give your macro variable?

What is the macro logic? If you are not responsible/aware, contact the person responsible.

Running your code using OPTIONS SYMBOLGEN MLOGIC MPRINT; can give you some hints.

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Re: SAS EG Reporting(excel) issue

Please close this question as well.

☑ This topic is SOLVED.

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