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SAS Date

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SAS Date





I have a numeric SAS date and a number. Can i compare the two.???

when i try the below code it would give me all missing values under the flag variable being created.

I have multiple records per ID with Procedure_date being same for the ID but the Recorded_Time varies....




ID     RECORDED_TIME(numeric date)      PROCEDURE_DATE(number)

101        09FEB2014:09:20:00.000                         20140204

101        10FEB2014:09:20:00.000                         20140204

101        11FEB2014:09:20:00.000                         20140204



data RN2;
set RN;
by ID;
if datepart(RECORDED_TIME) ge ProcedureDate then flag=1;

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Re: SAS Date

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If procedure date is a number as in 20,140,204 then no. You first need to convert that to a sas date or convert recorded time to a similar format. I would suggest using SAS dates on both.
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Re: SAS Date

Thank you for the reply.

I will change to a sas date and then do the comparision.



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