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SAS Code Performance Issues

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SAS Code Performance Issues

Hi friends


What are all the steps to perform in trouble shooting,when users normally have performance issues.


lets a user sas code normally used to run for 15 mins, but its taking now 1 to 2 hrs, what are all the things I need to check

as part of the trouble shooting this issue.


I really appreciate if any one can help me providing detail steps


Thank you


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Re: SAS Code Performance Issues

My list is:


  • Verify that there are zero changes to the code itself.
  • Check the log to see where the time increase took place, and whether it is an increase in CPU time or an increase in clock time.
  • Check the size of the incoming data sets to see if that changed.
  • Check #1 for contention for resources:  was there a temporary lack of a resource such as work space.
  • Check #2 for contention for resources:  did another user tie up a key resource input data set, making it unavailable.
  • If reading from tables, check when stats for those tables were last updated.  Reading from tables without stats can take much longer.
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Re: SAS Code Performance Issues

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I'd add to the list from @Astounding use the FULLSTIMER option which can often give useful clues to the cause of performance problems. You can find further info here ->

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