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SAS Catalogs - Clear Case

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SAS Catalogs - Clear Case

I need to implement IBM Clearcase as a change management tool (version control tool) for all SAS programs coded in V8.2.

Issue is that all programs (i.e. macros, report code, forms and scl code) are stored in SAS catalogs.

What I know that one need to maintain lowest level of entries in clearcase to maintain the version history of each entry, now the problem here is that as SAS programs are contained in SAS catalogs so
- one can not store the catalog entries independently in clearcase as these need to be mapped back to respective catalog while promoting.
- Also storing catalogs as lowest level entry will defeat the purpose of version control as every time there is a change in one catalog entry entire catalog need to be checked out and checked in.

My question here is - has any one implemented clear case as their version controlling tool for SAS application where programs are stored in SAS catalogs and if so what is there approach?

Is it possible if we replicate directory structure parallel to catalogs and while promotion SAS can directly pick them from Clearcase directories and place them in respective SAS Catalogs?
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