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SAS Base Certification

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SAS Base Certification

Hi all,


Hope you had a lovely festive season.

I am studying for the Base programming certification exam and was wondering if 

we need to know all the differences between the SAS / Access engines?


  • EXCEL engine
  • XLSX


Are all the differences and nuances between them examinable?


Thank you very much, appreciate the help!



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Re: SAS Base Certification

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It’s not listed in the topics covered at all.


Basically, they are older to newer developments, as Excel changed, SAS had to modify how to read and write Excel files. 


Excel is is used for older Excel files, xls. 

PCFILES is for when your version of SAS and Excel differ, ie 64 bit SAS and 32 bit Excel 

XLSX is the newest option to create and read XLSX files. It’s designed to work on Unix SAS well. 

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Re: SAS Base Certification

Thank you for replying Reeza, that's really helpful!


Appreciate the help Smiley Happy

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