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SAS/Access to Teradata: SQL

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SAS/Access to Teradata: SQL

When SAS writes data to teradata tables through SAS/Access to teradata engines, it creates huge number of entries in DBC Query Log.

Is this something to do with the SQL used in SAS. SAS uses ANSI SQL and Teradata's SQL is different. When ever a row of data is added to teradata table, it commits that record and makes an entry into DBC Qyery Log of Teradata?

Can this be stopped?
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Re: SAS/Access to Teradata: SQL

I am not a user of Teradata but a quick search of SAS support confirms that the default behaviour of Teradata for updates is one row at a time. Suggest you try the DBCOMMIT = option to get Teradata to commit your updates say every 1,000 or 10,000 rows. Also suggest you investigate the Teradata MULTILOAD capability, This will not only improve update performance it will probably reduce query log entries. Check also with your DBA to see if there is a Teradata option for switching off the log messages.
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