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SAS/Access for Teradata problem

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SAS/Access for Teradata problem

We have this problem tracked with tech support but I thought I would query the user community to see if anyone else has encountered this issue.

Our site has recently upgraded to Teradata GSS V2R6. Prior to the upgrade
we used the following libname

Libname TD teradata tdpid = dsname schema = myschema user=xxxx password =xxxx;

Everything worked fine.

However, now when I try to access teradata tables then SAS process hangs.
We have checked the drivers outside of SAS and they are working.
We have tried including "dsname" as the dbcname in the hosts file. We have also tried using the Domain Name Server definition. Both methods caused the SAS process to hang

Any suggestions would be helpful as we seem to be at a stand still resolving this problem.

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