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SAS 9.4 -- How to set workspace window size

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SAS 9.4 -- How to set workspace window size

Just started using SAS 9.4 a few days ago, Windows 7 Pro (64 bit)

When I launch SAS 9.4, it always opens the same size on my screen. I would like it to be larger, but not maximized. So I drag the corners to the approx size I want, do my SAS work, and then close SAS. The next time it opens, I have to repeat the process, SAS always opens at a too small window size. I can't find a way to make the new larger size stick. Can someone help?

Same problem with SAS 9.4 Help (via pressing F1 in SAS 9.4).

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Re: SAS 9.4 -- How to set workspace window size

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After you drag the window to the size you want enter "WSAVE" to save that to your profile.

Also - go to Tools --> options --> preferences   and make sure that you have "Save settings on exit" checked.

Then close and restart SAS - the windows should be the size you want.  Make sure you un-check the "Save settings" this time so you don't save changes after this.

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