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SAS 9.4 Help and Documentation App

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SAS 9.4 Help and Documentation App

Windows 7 Professional 64-bit

When I press F1 in SAS 9.4, the help application appears and it is greatly changed from the SAS 9.3 help app.

I see no way to save my configuration (size and location on the screen, and location of the vertical bar separating the index on the left from the content on the right). Is there a way to customize this?

I see no way to save commonly used Help Screens to a "Favorites", as there was in SAS 9.3. Is there a way to do this?

When I open the app and click on the Index tab, I have to select "Terms Starting With". If I shut the app down, and then re-open it later, is there a way to set the App so that it always opens with "Terms Starting With" selected?

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Re: SAS 9.4 Help and Documentation App

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For SAS 9.4, we moved to a help system developed by SAS instead of using the older, built-in Windows help system (which is being phased out by Microsoft).  This gives us greater feature parity and consistency across platforms (for example, you can now search individual product areas or book indexes on the Windows platform). Unfortunately, some features didn’t make it into this initial release, including an ability to save your display preferences and favorites. We’re planning to include these items in the future, perhaps in a maintenance release for 9.4.

There is a manual way to save the location of your favorite pages, but it involves keeping a separate file that you create.  After you’ve navigated to a page you want to keep, click the Go To Page button on the toolbar. Click the Copy Current Path button. This copies the path of the page being displayed into your clipboard, which you can then save elsewhere. When you want to return to that page, click on the Go To Page button, paste the path into the Go To Topic field, and click OK. Our technical support folks love this functionality, but we realize that it is no substitute for an integrated favorites feature. Again, we hope to provide the latter before long. Thanks for your questions and your patience.

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