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SAS 9.3 HTTPS download

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SAS 9.3 HTTPS download


we have problem with FILENAME statement and PROC HTTP procedure working with https sources.

Let's assume we have all proxy options settings right. 

Every filename-based download, or http request from sas code works fine, BUT ONLY ON HTTP, not https.


Could someone give me some hint to solve this? We have installation summarized in deployment registry attached to this post.


Only workaround was to use filename pipe and wget, but this options is really not friendly with our windows admins, so we really need to find working sollution.


We've been looking up for solution for months already, tried some hotfixes recommended by support and still no succes.


Thank you very much!


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Re: SAS 9.3 HTTPS download

That is very cumbersome for SAS. You need configure the private/public key at sas side.

Check proc http documentation or .


Or you could try to use CURL ( the third part software ) since you could use PIPE command .

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Re: SAS 9.3 HTTPS download

Hi @Ksharp

thanks for your fast reply.

Yes, we did steps from



did we do them right?

at first i want to tell that it  Worked on my personal sas 9.3 but not in the sas installed in our company.


We are downloading sharable file from googledocs

We have done this:

downloaded google public certificate from browser.

created truststore

added certificate to truststore

set jvm options

reseted object spawner


still didnt work. Proc http said hostname not found and filename just stucked the sas execution.


BUT when we tried some file on standard HTTP it worked like a charm!


Is there something we could have done wrong?

Thank you very much,


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