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Running SAS in Sharepoint

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Running SAS in Sharepoint

Hi all,


Has anyone set up some sort of a SAS environment within a Sharepoint site?  Currently we have everything located on a network drive/share.  We potentially need to move some/all of it to a Sharepoint site...aka, have the data, programs, and output all on the site.  Need to be able to submit the programs (similar to right-click --> "Batch Submit") through the site.


Any thoughts?  We don't have SAS/BI or anything of the sort...I know there are some Web Parts that allow you to run Stored Procedures, but not sure how those work.


If it's not possible or if there are reasons to not do it, please feel free to provide feedback as well.

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Re: Running SAS in Sharepoint

Never heard of such setup. Somewhere the SAS installation needs to be installed, and that is not "in" sharepoint.
DI you mean that .Sas files should be stored in sharepoint and be called from there? Is this because there is a corporate standard that tells you this?
Theoretically it could be possible but...
What kind of SAS environment do you have today?
Type of users, data, application, SAS products. ..?
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Re: Running SAS in Sharepoint

Thank you for the reply.  We're currently using Windows SAS Server (Programmers/Statisticians use RDP to connect) and a second drive on the server (virtual) that business users (Data Management, Project Management, Finance, etc.) have mapped to view reports, datasets, etc.  No problems with this setup...have had it for 8+ years.  However we're working on adding additional security (directory-level with auditing) and some leadership want to utilize our security groups/process we have through our Sharepoint instance.


To me, the amount of updates to programs, potential new software needed, changes in process / SOPs, etc. would never make easier security worth it.  Before arguing against it, want to make sure A) is it possible?  and B) that I understand any potential benefits of doing this.  Seems like it would be handled using Active Directory regardless so not certain of how it's better.


Thanks again!

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Re: Running SAS in Sharepoint

Well SharePoint also has a feature to map SharePoint document libraries and its content as a drive in Windows via WebDAV.

All server side security policies are applied. So you would not need to make huge modifications to your current process.


However RDP to a server to run SAS is not a best practice any more.

If you have more concerns on security you should consider using a SAS Server Platform with additional metadata server security.

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Re: Running SAS in Sharepoint

If you were usinf SAS Studio which is a web interface you could embed the link in a SP page somehow instead of Base SAS.
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