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Run program on multiple devices

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Run program on multiple devices

Can I run base SAS program on my mobile device or ipad direclty? 




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Re: Run program on multiple devices

Firstly, why would you want to?  Secondly, unless you were able to somehow install SAS on those devices I don't see how.  Or perhaps you have a stored process setup, then you (and I guess here as I don't use it), send the request via a web page and ge results back via a web page.  

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Re: Run program on multiple devices

There is a version for SAS which you can be used in iPad. For more details you can contact SAS Support.
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Re: Run program on multiple devices

Just to be clear Base SAS is supported on these platforms:


No Apple operating systems including MacOS, IOS are currently supported for Base SAS.


SAS does provide tablet apps however that can be used together with SAS VA servers to produce and display VA reports.



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Re: Run program on multiple devices

I've seen people using Remote Desktop apps on IPad. That would also allow you to run SAS on a server to which you connect. 

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Re: Run program on multiple devices

Please define what you mean "run directly".

Do you mean that the SAS program should execute on the mobile device, or do you wish to start a SAS from your device?

If it's the first, no, can't see that could be happening using Base SAS programs. But again, definitions (semantics). MS (and others) have a variate of PC/tablet products running Windows, so...


If you wish to start SAS programs, most web based SAS client would work (not necessary good), like SAS Studio. And there is of course SAS Stored Process.

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