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Rsubmit a macro

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Rsubmit a macro

Hi all,

I have setup a successful connect between SAS 9.2 client (Windows) to SAS 9.4 (Linux).

I have a SAS file which is stored on the Linux server which has a macro statement written in the script. I want the marco to execute in the server session.

I have tried to rsubmit something similar to the following from the Windows machine.


     FILENAME name of file 'external-file';

     %INC name of file;



I have typed the parameters into the %macro line in the brackets.

I can not get the macro to run to the server.

Does anyone have any suggestions I can explore? Also, how I do get what is shown in the server log to show in the client session?

Many thanks for your help.

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Re: Rsubmit a macro

A log would help . With options source2 mprint mlogic; in the rsubmit block.

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