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Hi everybody

I have a rounding problem. I got some results from my FMB-Regression.

Some of the estimates are very small. Is there a trick how I can get a number from: 0.00000000336 to 3.36-E9 ?

Here is my code which I used to put the number in a table.

data nw1_fmb; set nw_fmb;

tvalue2=put(tvalue,7.2); if probt<0.1 then p='* ';

if probt<0.05 then p='** '; if probt<0.01 then p='***';

T_VALUE=compress('('||tvalue2||')'); PARAM_EST=compress(put(estimate, 15.12)||p);

proc sort data=nw1_fmb; by name;run;

proc transpose data=nw1_fmb out=nw1b_fmb;

by name; id model; var PARAM_EST T_VALUE;


data mylib.excret_year_nfl; set nw1b_fmb; if _name_='T_VALUE' then do;

name=. ;end;run;

Thank you very much!!

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Re: Rounding

Scientific notation format, try the format E10. instead. See sas documentation for the format for specific examples and instructions.

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Re: Rounding

Hi Reeza

The answer was perfect!

Thank you very much. Problem solved.

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