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Reusable components in SAS

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Reusable components in SAS

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Can someone help me on reusable components in sas.

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Re: Reusable components in SAS

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Maybe if you provided some information we could?


Do you mean macros, or functions, or something special to one of the SAS suite of products, or third party apps etc?

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Re: Reusable components in SAS

When you posted your question, you had this right below the editing window:


Stop right there! Before pressing POST, tick off this checklist. Does your post …

✔ Have a descriptive subject line, i.e., How do I ‘XYZ’? ✔ Use simple language and provide context? Definitely mention what version you’re on.

✔ Include code and example data? Consider using the SAS Syntax feature.







Note the leftmost section.

Using just "sas" as a subject line in a SAS-only(!) forum is, ahem, not the brightest thing to do.


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