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Remote sign on UNIX

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Remote sign on UNIX

I have tried connecting to a remote unix server.
Prompt comes in but waits for long ang gives the following error

%let server=DC3C89.QC.DELL.TX 8562;
options comamid=TCP remote=server;
filename rlink "C:\Program Files\SAS\SASFoundation\9.2\connect\saslink\tcpunix.scr";
signon user=_prompt_ password=XXXXXXXX;
WARNING: USERID/PASSWORD option(s) not supported with script file. Any previous RLINK fileref
specification will be ignored.
NOTE: Remote signon to SERVER commencing (SAS Release 9.02.02M2P090109).
ERROR: A communication subsystem partner link setup request failure has occurred.
ERROR: TCP link establishment failed.
ERROR: Remote signon to SERVER canceled.
65 run;
66 rsubmit;
ERROR: A link must be established by executing the SIGNON command before you can communicate with
ERROR: Remote submit to SERVER canceled.
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Re: Remote sign on UNIX

Hi Tommy,

You should first make sure there is a spawner running on the Unix server. This is probably why the TCP link establishment failed (see the ERROR in your log).

Also I don't really get why you are creating a filename if you prompt for the username when signing on (see the WARNING in your log).

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Re: Remote sign on UNIX

If you are connecting to the SAS spawner on Unix the only statements you need are:

%let server=DC3C89.QC.DELL.TX 8562;
options comamid=TCP remote=server;
signon user=your_user password=XXXXXXXX;

As Florent says no RLINK filename is necessary. Also you can probably drop the COMAMID= as well as TCP is usually the default.
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