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Regarding use of sas Enterprise Guide

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Regarding use of sas Enterprise Guide

Hi This is Subhra.

I have a query. I am using SAS EG. I am taking the online course of SAS programming essentials. When I wanted to run the program which CREATES PRACTICE DATA FOR ECPRG193 in SAS EG I got the error I am attaching the screenshot. PleaseIMG_20171124_151334.jpg help me out how to resolve this.

Thank you.

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Re: Regarding use of sas Enterprise Guide

From that rather blurred screenshot, it tells you the problem.  You are getting data from somewhere which is in UTF8 character set, and your EG session is setup to be WLATIN character session.  Speak to your system admin, from what I understand, most people have moved to UTF based character sets rather than the old WLATIN, and once your NLS is setup correclty to use UTF then you will not have the issue.

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Re: Regarding use of sas Enterprise Guide

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Hint: When you need to copy something off a screen for posting, that cannot be copied as text with ctrl-c/ctrl-v, use a very nice (free!) picture utility called irfanview (google will find it immediately). It has a screenshot option that "photographs" the area in question and saves it as you see it to a jpeg or png file.

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