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Regarding discounts on SAS certification vochures

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Regarding discounts on SAS certification vochures

Dear SAS Team,

   What are the different ways of getting discount vochurs for SAS certification as an Independent learner.


Besides this,

          My employer is a big SAS user and has e-learning license as well for employees. Does employers get any discount vochures for their employees. How to know the point of contact for this..

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Re: Regarding discounts on SAS certification vochures

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Generally, the only discount vouchers available for the certification are the student/academic discount vouchers, as described on the FAQ page:
(look at the first question).

Most of the certification exams are taken through the Pearson VUE test administrators. So the discount vouchers you get from SAS (if you're a student are used at Pearson VUE, not in a SAS Shopping Cart).

If your company pays for the exam with Pearson or has any kind of discount, you would need to ask someone at your company (like the SAS Administrator) whether the exam fee with Pearson VUE can be paid for by the company or whether it is a reimbursable expense.

Every company has a SAS contact person within the company. That is the person you should contact. If you feel you are eligible for a discount voucher because of your company, then you might send mail to and provide them with your company email and/or the name of your company so they can tell you whether any discounts are possible.

In my experience, many companies will reimburse the exam expense, AFTER the employee has passed the exam. Whether this is the case with your company, is something that you'll have to check out with someone at your company. Perhaps there's someone who is already SAS certified at your company who can advise you who to work with.

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