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Redirect work SEG 4

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Redirect work SEG 4

I'm working with my Foundation installation and I use usual interface to work remotely but also Guide 4.

I'd like specify a remote work for a user or a group, an another work for an another user or a group.

For the SAS/Connect use, I modify the tcpwin.scr and add -WORK .

But SEG doesn't use the tcpwin so do you have an idea to do the same thing (ie. redirect work) ?

I thought to modify sasv9.cfg on the server but I'm wondering if you know to do differently.
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Re: Redirect work SEG 4

each group would need to start SAS with something distinctive.
If the client userID is available, you could use that to determine the "group".
If that is not available, you could have each group address its own connection, and have each "connection" use a customised command to start or spawn a SAS session.
When starting SAS, more than one config file can be defined. That allows normal "installation definition" options to be in a main config while special parameter/options are in a small "override" config file.
If SAS is started with a command in which no config is defined, you have the best of both worlds! The config file in the sas.exe folder, as well as a SASv9.cfg in the "current folder" will be used.

good luck
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Re: Redirect work SEG 4

My .cfg in local call a WORK in c:\... and I can check that a remote SEG work is on the I: drive that I define on the remote .cfg.

How do you customise a SAS session for Guide with the Spawner ?

If I define a server in the SAS Guide explorer, I cannot specify command line for the invocation of SAS ( Work is defined at the invocation). I can include an but this is unuseful for me.

SEG client don't use the Spawner but the Object Spawner right ? but where could you change parameters ? in the definition of the windows service of my server ?
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