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Record Matching Across Single Table

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Record Matching Across Single Table

I have a data set with 100k records of customer information.


I'm planning to build some simple rules for matching (ex. firstname + lastname);


So the code must go like matching record 1 to the other records then if it matches then i put the ids of these records in an output table.


Greatly appreciate your advise what are the possible faster approaches to attain these matching of records across a single table.



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Re: Record Matching Across Single Table

It sounds like you're looking to do data linkages based on identifiers. Here's a tool that has been referenced - though I've never used it.


Statistics Canada offers a tool called G-Link as well, free but they recommend support, you can find it via google.


Additionally, here's a solution that I kind of like that uses a few of the fuzzy matching options.



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Re: Record Matching Across Single Table

And another tool developed by the US CDC

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