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Reading raw data column input

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Reading raw data column input

I have a text file loaded in SAS Studio.The file contains following data:
Apple macbook 1499
Lenovo yoga 999
msft surface 1099
dell xps1299


I used the following SAS codes to read the and print the data:
`Data C_input;
infile 'Sample1.txt';
input Brand $ 1-6 Make $ 8-14 Year 16-22;
proc print data=C_input;
Title 'Computer Sales';
The Output I get is:
Computer Sales
Obs Brand Make Year
1 Apple macb .
2 Lenovo yoga .


Why is it only reading two observations?And why is it not reading the dates?

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Re: Reading raw data column input

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The example in your post is not column-aligned, so there is no chance your code can work as it expects column alignment.

What you call year seems to be a price, what you call make seems to be a model.

Please check that the example you provide is correct.

I did not open the attached document as it is a security risk. Please provide a txt file, and only if needed.

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