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Read html from url with Libname OLEDB

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Read html from url with Libname OLEDB


I'm trying to read html data from URL with Libname OLEDB:

     options validvarname=V7;

     libname tmp OLEDB provider="Microsoft.Jet.OLEDB.4.0"

     /* properties=("data source"="\\Pi693pf005\Ukraine_share\Conscensia_from_pa136\Roa\SAS\Kondor-OR\kondor.html") */

     properties=("data source"="http://pi693pa258/sn_drift/kondor_rettelse.nsf/6e2cd21bfc54bf41c12579790034d84d?OpenView&Count=10000...")

     provider_string="HTML Import";

     data imported;     

          set tmp."SAS-Eksport1"n;


But received next error:

     ERROR: Error trying to establish connection: Unable to Initialize: Cannot update.  Database or object is read-only.

     ERROR: Error in the LIBNAME statement.

The data on html page is table with a couple of rows and columns.

If I save *.html file physically from above URL, then everything works perfectly.

Can anyone help with such issue?

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Re: Read html from url with Libname OLEDB

After checking documentation, I found this. URL is not supported.


identifies the data source object (suchas a relational database server or a local file) to which you want to connect.


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Read html from url with Libname OLEDB

Consider using PROC HTTP to download the results of your HTTP request.  You may be able to read thelocal copy using OLEDB.

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Read html from url with Libname OLEDB

Ok, thanx a lot. I manage to read data to physical file and then use oledb to create data set. Everything works fine.

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