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Read and append files in different folders

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Read and append files in different folders

Hello, I'm a beginner on SAS and I have a question of writing a macro. Basically I want to write a macro to read several files with the same name in different folders. For example, folder a and b both have a file name x. What I want to do is to read append the two files and create another observation which indicates which folder the part of new combined file comes from. 



Thank you so much 



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Re: Read and append files in different folders

Since you're a beginner in SAS, there are a couple of requirements before you even think about writing a macro.


First, write an example of the program.  Hard-code everything, and make sure that the program works.


Second, consider what will happen when turning the program into a macro.  Which parts of the program will never change, and which parts will change each time you call the macro.


Only then can you even consider writing a macro to accomplish the task.

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Re: Read and append files in different folders

In addition to @Astounding's good advice the content of the files makes a little difference.

It may well be possible to read all of the files using a single file reference such as :

Filename MyInput ("C:\path\folder1\myfile.text" "C:\path\folder2\myfile.text" "C:\path\folder3\myfile.text");

and use that type reference in the INFILE statement along with the the FILENAME option to capture the name of the specific file.

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Re: Read and append files in different folders

Hello @xiaobing,


Here is an example of what @ballardw has outlined:


filename all ('C:\Test\abc.txt', 'C:\Temp\Data\abc.txt');

data want;
length path $260; /* adapt the length if necessary */
infile all filename=path; /* add options as needed */
input x y z; /* adapt as appropriate */

This assumes that the two raw data files (abc.txt) not only have the same name, but also the same structure. Also, it creates a new variable (named FOLDER), not an observation, which indicates the source folder of each observation.


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Re: Read and append files in different folders

Are these files SAS datasets or text files? Is this related to your latest question?

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Re: Read and append files in different folders

Hello, Reeza.Thanks for the reply.

It's SAS dataset. So Basically, I have 10 folders with different names. Within each folder, there were many sas datasets. What I basically need is to create a new variable that's equal to its belonging folder name for each dataset. 





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