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Quick way to choose max value

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Quick way to choose max value



I have a data set like this :


id   d1   d2  d3  d4  .......................d100 


Each id have mutiple rows, with mutiple values of d1, d2...... 


I would like to choose the max(d1), max(d2)....,  for each ID .


Is there any quick way to do it without list all of the vairables from d1 to d100 ?


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Re: Quick way to choose max value

Depends on what you want your output to look like. If your variables are sequential you can list them like that.


proc means data=havenoprint;
by id; *need to sort by ID first;
var d1-d100;
output out=want max= /autoname;
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Re: Quick way to choose max value

Is it the flu or something, every second question has data with wide data sets.

Transpose it to long, then you can easily calculate/aggregate the data any way you want, and just need to refer to your analysis variable only once in your code.

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Re: Quick way to choose max value

Spring migration, from Excel to SAS Man Very Happy

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