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Quantile for chi square

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Quantile for chi square



I am trying to use SAS for the first time and I am stuck. My first homework problem is : Find the quantile for chi squared with 4 df at a probablity of .47.


How can I write this program?


Thank you fo rnay help you can give me.



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Re: Quantile for chi square

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My stats is getting rusty these days, but I think you're looking for one of the following:

cumulative distribution function for chi square (CDF) - not likely

probability distribution function for chi square (PDF) - possible

Cumulative inverse - quantile (CINV) - likely



data want;
y=probchi(0.47, 4);
z=cinv(0.47, 4); *<-most likely this number;




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Re: Quantile for chi square

Thank you very much.  I wil lgive this a try.

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Re: Quantile for chi square

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quantile('CHISQ', .47, 4); /* definitely Smiley Happy */

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Re: Quantile for chi square

Just a side note: It seems that the two functions are implemented differently. In this particular case the results differ in the last bit (i.e. 2^-51) on my Windows machine. (Irrelevant for practical purposes, of course.)

data _null_;
c=cinv(.47, 4);
q=quantile('CHISQ', .47, 4);
if c ne q then do;
  put 'Not exactly equal.';
  put 'Difference: ' d;
  put (c q) (hex16. /);

So, which one is closer to the "true" result?

Well, it depends ... For the exact argument of 0.47=47/100 c is closer, but for the internal 64-bit floating-point representation of 0.47 (which equals 0.47 - 0.96*2^-55) q is closer, says my computer algebra software.


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