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Programmatically Show the Log

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Programmatically Show the Log

Hi All

Is there anyway I can get SAS to switch to/show the log window when I submit a program in interactive?

Is there a command I can place in the program which will display the log window?


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Re: Programmatically Show the Log

The command would be:

DM Log;

if place in a program.

Alternatively use a function key to submit your program. The default is F8 and should submit the current program and switch to to the log. One advantage with the function key is it will work even with just a section of highlighted code submitted.

Use F9 to bring up the KEYS window and examine key assignments. You want one that says: submit;log; in the definition.

Note the F6 probably goes to the log without a program.

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Re: Programmatically Show the Log

Thanks, ballardw . F9 does bring up lots of goodies. F8 on my machine (9.3, win7) actually shrinks both editor window and log window, so both can be seen at the same time.

There is also a menu driven setting for switching to log:

when log window is active,  Tools->Options->Log->Display, and check "Pop to the front when new data is displayed".


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