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Proc Summary and missing

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Proc Summary and missing

The Proc Summary shown below is giving a missing value.(There should not be any actually).



VAR  ---Varlistnames---;

OUTPUT OUT=x sum=;


Here there are three products

two genders M F

agex is





There are 13 grps 1 to 13.

I'm getting a missing value for female 65-75 for each product.Why ?

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Re: Proc Summary and missing

I'm getting a missing value for female and male  65-75 for each product.Why ?

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Re: Proc Summary and missing

You probably want the NWAY option.

After reading the other reply and paying more attention I see that NWAY will have no effect as you did not use CLASS.

SUMMARY without CLASS is like a day without sunshine. :smileymischief:

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Re: Proc Summary and missing

There are two possiilities, both easy for you to check.

First, it is possible that the program you posted is different than the one you actually ran.  For example, if you were to use a CLASS statement instead of a BY statement you would get missing values in the output.  There are other less common differences in the program that could cause this to happen, such as using a preloaded format.  But that's one general category:  Is this exactly the program that you ran?  (The names of the variables in the VAR statement do not matter.)

Second, it is possible that your data contains missing values.  Check again!  If your program is exactly what you posted, and if PRODUCT is missing on some observations in the output data set, then PRODUCT does take on missing values within the incoming data.  (There are obscure variations on this theme, such as running the program first and then changing the data to remove the missing values.)

Good luck.

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Re: Proc Summary and missing

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I guess it's also possible that PRODUCT has a format connected with it, that would cause a nonmissing value to print as a blank.  That's a stretch, but it is possible.

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Re: Proc Summary and missing

I also notice a problem in your code.

Do you have more than two variables needed to analysis ?

OUTPUT OUT=x sum= /autoname ;

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