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Proc Summary By

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Proc Summary By

How do you get  totals for each county by type:

Name County Total   Type

site1     A          34         2

site2     B          35         1                

site3     A          100       3         

site4     C          12         3

site5     B          23         3

site6     A          25         2

site7     C          56         1

site8     A          88          2

site9     B          90          1

                 Type1     Type2     Type3

countyA    0             147          100

countyB    125          0               23

countyC    56            0               12

I tried this but it doesn't work. Any help you can give will be much appreciated!

PROC SUMMARY DATA=reported order=data;

     CLASS county type;

     VAR total;

     BY type;

OUTPUT OUT= reportedtype SUM=total;


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Re: Proc Summary By


PROC SUMMARY/MEANS will give you numbers, but not the structure you want (with county going down the rows and type going across the columns). My tendency, to create this type of report is to use PROC TABULATE or PROC REPORT. Given the variables you listed, I would suggest code similar to the code shown below.


options missing=0;

ods listing close;


ods html file='c:\temp\tab_report.html';

proc tabulate data=reported f=comma9.;

title 'TABULATE';

  class county type;

  var total;

  table county all,

        total*type*sum=' ';


proc report data=reported nowd;

title 'REPORT';

  column county total,type;

  define county/ group;

  define type / across;

  define total / sum;

  rbreak after / summarize;


ods html close;

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Re: Proc Summary By

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Thank you so very much!

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Re: Proc Summary By

You could just use PROC FREQ with WEIGHT statement and then TRANSPOSE the resulting "counts".

proc freq data=have ;

  tables county*type /noprint out=vertical ;

  weight total / zeros;


proc transpose data=vertical prefix=Type out=want (drop=_name_ _label_);

  by county ;

  id type ;

  var count;


proc print data=want;


Obs    County    Type1    Type2    Type3

1       A          0      147      100

2       B        125        0       23

3       C         56        0       12

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