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Proc SQL

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Proc SQL

Hi I am a new SAS user and am having difficulty when running a query as part of the proc sql statement. The Error log reads that the following functions are NOT LOCATED.


I am an oracle PL/SQL Programmer and hence am trying to run that sql here. Do I have alternate function names that I should be using instead of the above?

Any help will be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
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Re: Proc SQL

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Hi Caesar.
The SAS Sql procedure uses a mixture of SQL standard syntax and SAS functions. Those listed in your message should be replaced by almost-equivalent SAS functions (check the SAS doc about them for the syntax, use, results, and so on).


ADD_MONTH(thisDate, nbMonths) --> INTNX("MONTH", thisDate, nbMonths) + DAY(thisDate)-1
/* the INTNX("MONTH") function returns a date on the first day of the month */

TRUNC --> FLOOR / INT / ROUND (depending on what you want to do)

LAST_DAY --> INTNX("MONTH", date, 1) - 1

DECODE --> IFC / IFN (SAS 9 functions), CASE WHEN ELSE syntax

NVL(var1, var2) --> COALESCE(var1, var2)

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Re: Proc SQL

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Thanks Oliver... That was really helpful !
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