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Problem with macro

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Problem with macro

please find attached script.

My goal is to create all states excel report files along with all related msa's . i[in one excel , on excel for state and other sheets for all related msa area's].

my issue. when i am running this scripts all together its creating separate sheets for each area with the name of state i.e. AK , AK1 , AK2 , AK3 ...

at the same time when i run the script in two part , like first time to create consolidate data and second time to create report files , in that time it works fine as i want.

First part is till created data set test7, and after that is second part..

its not showing any error.

Please suggest me the solution.

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Re: Problem with macro

can anyone help me on this??

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Re: Problem with macro

Would like to help you.

At the moment not able as missing my pc

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Re: Problem with macro

Thanks for response.

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Re: Problem with macro

You throw a big junk of code at us in a "development" state and without any comments in the code. You don't provide any data so that the code is actually executable for us and we can replicate what you describe - and then test what we eventually would suggest.

You need to provide some test data (best as a data step creating this data) and then strip down your Proc Report with the ODS to the bare minimum so that it shows the challenge you're facing with the minimum code required. And then you tell us what you would want to get.

If you help us to help you then I'm sure someone will be able to provide a solution.

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